Where to Buy Bridal Lingerie

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Where to Buy Bridal Lingerie


On the phrase “plus size”: “Some people think that plus size is a dirty word. I think it’s an empowering word and one that creates community. Lots of folks are able to use that as a hashtag on instagram, for example, and find their other curvy sisters. Once I was able to admit to myself that I’m curvy and never going to be the stick thin woman I always thought I wanted to be, that’s when I became confident in my own skin. I have thick thighs and strong arms and I just think that’s great!”

When you think of the phrase “perfect figure”, what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific body type or clothing size? Maybe your first thought is of someone you admire, a role model that you may or may not know personally. Or maybe you’re not sure how to define it or what it means to you because you’ve never thought about it before.

To us, a #PerfectFigure is about empowerment. It’s about embracing the you that you are today and learning how to appreciate your body and everything it does for you.

It’s being kind to your body by feeding it healthy foods, working out because it makes you feel good, wearing clothes that flatter your bras (and bras that fit well), and stopping the negative self-talk because it doesn’t do anything for your body or your mind. It’s about listening to what you need and realizing that you are perfect just as you are, even if you’re a work-in-progress.